Let Brown Blankenship Co. LPA Help You Strip Off Incurred Debt in Delaware County, Ohio and the Surrounding Counties

Pertinent Mortgage Elimination Information:

Do you have a second mortgage, sometimes called a home equity line of credit (HELOC)? It may be possible to eliminate or strip off the second mortgage. If you owe more on your first mortgage than the fair market value of your home, it is possible to eliminate or strip away the second mortgage.

Here Are Some Sample Facts:

Homeowner has two mortgages.
  • First Mortgage balance $100,000.00
  • Second Mortgage balance $20,000.00
  • The fair market value of the home is $89,000.00. The second mortgage can be stripped away. There is no fee for the initial consultation but please be prepared.
Here Are the Items Required at the First Consultation:
1. Documentation of household income for the previous six months. This can be done by bringing in your pay advices. Yes, we need them all. If you do not save them most employers have a website where you can obtain them. If there is other household income such as child support, social security, workers compensation, etc. we need documentation of that income as well.

2. Payoff balances on mortgages.

3. Payoff balances on any car loans and the interest rate for the car loans.

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